P+MD test projects

In 2016, Fost Plus launched projects in six Belgian municipalities to test new scenarios for the collection of PMD. The aim is to assess the feasibility of the future expansion of the PMD bag.

What is P+MD?

P+MD is the name of a series of test projects investigating the feasibility of an expanded PMD collection system. In six Belgian municipalities, the blue PMD bag is replaced by a purple P+MD bag. Residents will be able to include hard plastics such as tubs, trays and pots in the purple bags in addition to the conventional PMD waste. Depending on the scenario, this could be extended to soft plastics such as films and bags. A total of over 120,000 Belgians are presently participating in the test projects.

What is the intent of P+MD?

The P+MD project aims to assess the feasibility for future expansion of the PMD collection to other types of packaging. Aspects to be investigated include the following:

  • Participation level among the population
  • Cost of the collection
  • Impact on the technical processes in the sorting centres
  • Sustainability of the recycling process

Depending on the results, the Belgian collection scenario can be adjusted in the future.

Evaluation of the project

The test projects are currently under evaluation. The key question is whether we will be able to find recycling applications for the additional packaging that we are collecting. A questionnaire will reveal the degree to which the population is willing to accept and participate in the new collection system. Results will be communicated as soon as they are available.

P+MD in your municipality

The P+MD project currently runs in six Belgian municipalities: Aalter, Frameries, Hannut, Marchin, Waregem and Wervik.

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