Holiday in Belgium


With the “Staycation” project, Fost Plus is helping holiday villages, amusement parks and leisure centres to introduce a sustainable and efficient sorting policy. We offer advice and practical support when installing sorting islands and communicating with visitors.


Sorting already takes place in many holiday villages, amusement parks and leisure centres. However, many operators still come up against a number of obstacles, so sorting is not producing the hoped-for results.


Owing to coronavirus measures, in 2020 a great many people opted for a staycation – or a holiday in their own country. Fost Plus capitalised on this trend and helped five amusement parks, zoos and holiday villages to introduce a sustainable and efficient sorting policy: Center Parcs Park De Haan, Bellewaerde, Walibi, Pairi Daiza and Vayamundo Ostend.

The projects were undertaken in close cooperation with the parks’ waste partners and the main aim was to improve the quality of the materials collected. Attention focused among other things on multilingual communication and the correct sorting of a number of fractions that hamper recycling, including face masks, which should be put in the residual waste.

We also provided practical support where necessary, paying specific attention to installing litter bins in just the right places. In most cases, additional sorting islands were installed in strategic places. As a result, at each location we collected at least 50% more PMD per visitor.

The project is being continued in 2021. The Center Parcs and Vayamundo holiday villages are extending the project to their other parks. A number of new parks have also been added to the list of participants. We are increasing visitor involvement via social media and a sorting game. A lot of attention is also being paid to the extended PMD sorting rules.


Center Parcs Park De Haan, Vossemeren, Kempsense Meren, les Ardennes, Bellewaerde, Walibi, Pairi Daiza, Vayamundo Ostend, Vaya Mundo Houffalize

Waste operators Renewi, Van Heede, Dufour




In 2020 zamelden we op elke locatie waar we het project uitrolden per bezoeker minimum 50% meer PMD in.