Your administrative follow-up

MyFost is an online platform where you can find all the data that apply to you.

For administrative follow-up, Fost Plus provides an online application for registered partners, as well as the related reporting data (MyFost Reports).

MyFost is an online platform on which you can find all the data that apply to you.

The process itself is available on this website. A manual on the use of the application is available in the online application.

You can reduce data input to a minimum by using the interface (API). A portal is available containing the necessary information to create an API.

Logging in/registering

Before you can use the online application MyFost, the person in charge needs to register.

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Creating weighing tickets and deliveries

Depending on the activities you perform in the context of the assignment, you have to manage certain data and perform actions. All of this is possible in MyFost.

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Correcting weighing tickets and deliveries

If a correction is requested, all parties are involved approving the data.

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Validating the deliveries

No invoicing can take place until a delivery has been validated by all parties.n link naar de leveringsbonnen, tonnages en prijzen die ze in MyFost moeten valideren.

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Managing recycle parks and containers

The intermunicipal company manages the recycle parks in the application. 

The party hiring out containers in recycle parks manages the number of containers in the recycle parks.

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All details of the order forms/invoices can be found on MyFost in the “invoicing” module.

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Via the interface, you can send data from your own system to MyFost and retrieve data from MyFost to your own systems.

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System requirements

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