Call for tenders

Fost Plus currently has an assignment for the acquisition and recycling of selectively collected and sorted fractions.

This call for tenders, distributed over several lots, concerns the acquisition and effective recycling during a period of at least 12 months of:

  • Paper-cardboard, collected selectively via door-to-door collections and recycle parks.

More information on this call for tender.

  • PET bottles and flasks, HDPE bottles and flasks, metal packaging (steel and aluminium), and drink cartons. These comprise domestic packaging material that is collected selectively and is sorted into these different fractions in sorting centres. The bidder must collect the material from the sorting centres and recycle it.

More information on this call for tenders.


If you are interested in this call for tenders, you must apply through the online tender portal of Fost Plus - if you haven't registered yet - in two steps:

Step 1: online registration 


Step 2: once registered you can log in to our tender portal