Control and traceability

The system of selective collection, sorting, and recycling of household packaging waste only works when all parties involved deliver optimal quality. In order to guarantee this, Fost Plus organizes objective quality controls. They have a positive impact on the quality of the services, the materials, and the recycling process.


Bottle banks

  • cleanliness of the site and the glass bins
  • physical state of the glass bins
  • subsoil of the glas bins
  • filling rate of the glass bins
  • frequency of emptying

During emptying of the glass bins

  • separation of white glass and colored glass in the truck
  • height at which the glass is released from the glass bin into the truck
  • filling rate of the glass bins
  • quality of the glass, color separation in the glass bins and amount of dirt in the glass bin
  • noise levels for local residents
  • attention paid to trees, cars or high-voltage cables in the vicinity of the site

During collection rounds

  • participation levels of the population
  • application of rejection instructions by collectors
  • quality of the selective collection

In the sorting centre

  • visual inspection of the quality of deliveries
  • inspection of the sorting rules on a number of PMD bags from the delivery
  • inspection and analysis of sorting residue

  • visual inspection of manual and automatic sorting processes

During storage

  • quality
  • separation of different fractions
  • quantities
  • weight and labelling of the PMD bales

At the recycling companies

Independent inspection agencies regularly perform audits of the recycling companies to check whether the supplied materials are actually recycled.


In order to monitor the flow of data between all of the partners as efficiently as possible, Fost Plus has developed a Web application. All of the data about collection, sorting, and recycling is easily traceable via a central database.

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