Log in to ePack with eID/certificate

Logging in with your e-ID or certificate provides more security for your online declaration. If you have not used this option before, please read the instructions below for registration.





First time? Follow the instructions below.

Before you can log in with your eID or certificate, you will need to link your eID or certificate to your account. The method depends on whether you wish to login with eID or with certificate for 1 company or for more companies. Follow the instructions below.


eID/certificate for 1 company (characterized by 1 company number/VAT number)

1. Change the security level in the 'User Management' application.

2. Link your eID/certificate to your account. Use the button below.

3. Ready! You can now login with your eID or certificate instead of your username and password.


eID/certificate for more companies (with different company numbers/VAT numbers)

1. Link your eID/certificate to your account. Use the button below.

2. Send us the data of the different companies for which you want additional security. Use our e-mail address business.administration@fostplus.be.

3. Once you have received confirmation from us, you will be able to login with your eID or certificate.

Important: this security level is an additional security. When you connect, you’ll first need to identify yourself with your eID/certificate. Then you’ll have to log in with the username and password to indicate for which one of the companies you want to use the application.


New identity card or certificate?

When you have received a new identity card or a new certificate, you’ll need to link your data again to your account. Use the button below.


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Check our FAQ section  Help with your declaration.

Please contact our helpdesk on +32 (0)2 775 03 58 or send an e-mail to business.administration@fostplus.be