Fost Plus is named a Great Place to Work


For the second consecutive year, colleagues decided that working at Fost Plus is great. With a score of no less than 95%, we have done even better than last year.

The ‘war for talent’ is brutal. Finding and keeping the right people is crucial for every organisation. This is how you ensure stability, accumulate knowledge and provide outstanding services. All values that are very important to Fost Plus. Via the Great Place to Work platform, we asked colleagues what makes an organisation an awesome employer. Mutual trust, pride and team spirit among colleagues, it appears! But we also score above average for equality and agility.

Our sector is constantly evolving, so we have to dare to question ourselves. By surveying our colleagues anonymously and regularly, we keep up to date on what is going on internally and where we can improve. This is the only way we can stay at the top as an organisation.

Fost Plus can refer to itself as a Great Place to Work in the coming year.