A new video about the origin story, partners and functioning of Fost Plus


Fost Plus is the driving force behind a unique ecosystem, in which public and private partners collaborate intensively to promote a circular economy and a sustainable society. 

Fost Plus is responsible for the organisation and financing of the recycling chain for household packaging. In concrete terms, we take care of PMD via the blue bag, of glass via glass banks or door-to-door collection and paper-cardboard packaging. 

Any company that launches a packaged product onto the market, best opts for packaging that is compatible with the recycling chain. It must also take responsibility for the waste stage of the packaging (this responsibility is called Extended Producer Responsibility). By becoming a member of the Fost Plus collective system, the company pays the effective costs for selective collection, sorting and recycling of its packaging. The Green Dot rates per packaging material type allows for a transparent calculation of the costs.

Through our different missions, we work hand in hand with several actors: companies, intermunicipal waste management associations, Regions and local authorities, waste operators, sorting and recycling centers, the Interregional Packaging Commission, and of course, citizens. Fost Plus ensures that everyone can work together in an optimal way and that the collected materials are recycled in the most sustainable way. Together we facilitate the transition to a circular packaging economy!

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