A team of more than 50 employees joins us every day in streamlining the collection and recycling of household packaging waste in our country.

Management Team

Patrick Laevers – Managing Director

Johan Goossens – Director Finance & Communication

Mik Van Gaever – Director Operations

Steven Boussemaere – Director Projects & Development

Kurt Tierens – Director Administration & Information


Mik Van Gaever - Director Operations

Anneleen Fastenaekels – Account Manager Operations

Yann Wetz - Account Manager Operations

Laurent Bedoret – Account Manager Operations

Arn Malef – Account Manager Operations

Arnaud Martin – Account Manager Operations

Katrien Menten - Account Manager Operations

Nathalie Walter - Account Manager Operations

Erik Nootens – Operations Assistant

Philippe Alen – Quality Manager

Ivan Vaesen – Quality Expert

Anne Duwez – Quality Expert

Bram Van Kerckhoven – Quality Controller 

Finance & Communication

Johan Goossens - Director Finance & Communication

Luc Swartebroeckx – Finance Manager

Olivia Boumon – Finance Advisor

Olga Dementieva-Medland – Finance Advisor (extern)

Veerle Put - Project Manager (extern)

Steven Govaerts - HR Manager (extern)

Aurélie Vanden Noortgate – Management Assistant

Sandra Janssens – Management Assistant

Laetitia Van Loo
 – Front Desk Office (extern)

Adriaan Lowet – Communication Manager

Pascale Müller – Communication Advisor

Riet Devogelaere – Communication Advisor (extern)

Aurore Van Bogaert – Communication Advisor

Bart Panneels – Communication Advisor

Julie Eeckhoudt – Communication Advisor

Tanja De Hauwere – Communication Advisor

Fatima Boudjaoui – Public Relations Manager

Ruth De Bruycker – Account Manager Business

Joeri Deswarte – Account Manager Business

Philippe Linden - Legal Counsel (extern) 

Projects & Development

Steven Boussemaere - Director Projects & Development

Lieven Capon - Business Development Manager

Philippe Gendebien - Project Manager

Ward Mertens - Project Manager

Greet Hofman - Project Manager

Sandrine De Biourge - Project Manager

Youri Sloutzky - Project Manager

Charline Martin - Project Manager

Kelly Baetens - Project Advisor

Nicolas Egri - Sustainability & Prevention Manager

Administration & Information

Kurt Tierens - Director Administration & Information

Eric Eberhaerd – Digital Information Manager (extern)

Koen Loyens – IT Assistant (extern)

Kim Vander Auwera - IT Assistant (extern)

Nadia Puttemans – Administration Manager

Nathalie Eberhart – Administration Assistant

Hasimé Kas – Administration Assistant

Fabian Makkink – Administration Assistant

Silvie Bischop – Services Automation Coordinator

Tom Soen - Data Advisor

Ingrid Straetmans – Administration Assistant

Ingrid Theunissen – Administration Assistant

Martine Leborgne – Administration Assistant

Solange Goossens – Administration Assistant

Madeleine Mukuna-Trouet - Administration Assistant

Laurent Moernaut - Administration Assistant


More information?

For more information on Fost Plus and our activities, please send an e-mail to

Journalists can contact our press officer, Fatima Boudjaoui.

tel.: +32 2 775 03 50