Together, we turn efficient packaging management into sustainable resource management.

Our mission

Our mission statement clearly and concisely expresses the goals of our organisation: to make an important contribution to a more sustainable waste management and a better environment by collecting and recycling household packaging.


Numerous players are involved in our activities: the national, regional and local authorities, the intermunicipal companies, sorting centres and waste companies, the companies that bring packaged products onto the market and, of course, everyone living in Belgium. Close consultation and good cooperation are crucial to this process.

Efficient packaging management

Our goal is to achieve the efficient collection and recycling of packaging. We raise public awareness regarding the importance of correct sorting, we help municipalities and intermunicipal companies to collect the materials as efficiently as possible, and we offer our advice to companies to help them improve the recyclability of their packaging.

Sustainable resource management

The recycling of household packaging reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and avoids the use of primary raw materials which are becoming ever scarcer. Through our activities, we are contributing to a genuine circular economy, in which materials are used in a sustainable manner.

Our values


We strive for optimum efficiency in all of our activities. Every day, we keep searching for better solutions.


We develop only high-quality products and services. All our processes are accurately documented, which enables us to continuously measure, evaluate and improve their quality.


We cooperate with all our stakeholders in a constructive and proactive manner. We create strong partnerships with all parties involved and help them achieve common goals.


We proactively share the right information and are always available to answer questions. We disseminate only correct, reliable and accurate information.


In today’s rapidly evolving world, we regularly re-examine our role as an organisation. We are open to new information, ideas and technological developments.


We anticipate the changing needs of our stakeholders and keep abreast of all technological developments and market evolutions. We dare to think outside of the box and launch new ideas and activities.

More information?

For more information about Fost Plus and our activities, please send an e-mail to info@fostplus.be

Journalists can contact our press officer, Fatima Boudjaoui.

tel: +32 (0)2 775 03 50

e-mail: public.relations@fostplus.be