Fost Plus and litter

Fost Plus has taken an active role in the battle against litter for many years. At the beginning of 2016 we, with the support of the Fevia and Comeos sector organisations, signed an agreement with the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels authorities to tackle the problem.

Promoting a fundamental change in behaviour

Fost Plus is convinced that only a fundamental, sustainable change in behaviour can improve our public cleanliness. This requires much more than just raising awareness or a few extra waste bins. A strong and consistent government enforcement policy is an equally crucial factor, as well as dealing with issues in the surroundings that cause litter, such as vacant buildings or local degradation. The active participation of citizens in their own street, neighbourhood or municipality can also make a big difference.

Corporate and public partnership

At the beginning of 2016, Fost Plus concluded cooperation agreements with Flanders and Wallonia to join the fight against litter. The action plan that Fost Plus first drew up in 2015 formed the basis of the agreements. The plan is an ambitious one, but considerable financial resources have been made available for it. Fost Plus will reserve 17 million euros annually for the next seven years in order to carry out the plan.

Examples of campaigns and initiatives

Le Grand Nettoyage de Printemps

In Wallonia, the Grand Nettoyage de Printemps (Great Spring Clean) campaign garnered 40,000 participants in April 2016. Armed with gloves, fluorescent vests and waste bags, they cleared plots of land, streets and parks of litter.

Coaching for municipalities

Mooimakers (Flemish for “those who make things pretty”) helps 40 Flemish municipalities to attain an efficient litter policy through an intensive coaching process. Problems and bottlenecks are identified, sweeping and waste bin plans are optimised and solutions are sought for specific local problems.

Retail Clean-Up Days

In November 2016, 1,100 shops in Flanders and Wallonia participated in the Retail Clean-Up Days. Each shop agreed to clean up the area within a 25 m radius of its premises. A surface area of 5.7 million m2 was cleaned up in total, the equivalent of more than 1,150 football fields.

Visit the websites of Mooimakers (Flanders) and Be WaPP (Wallonia) for more examples of our campaigns and initiatives.



Our fight against litter is supported by the professional organizations Fevia and Comeos.