Fost Plus is responsible for the collection and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium. Every year, we recycle some 680,000 tonnes of packaging, or almost 90% of all packaging that finds its way onto the Belgian market.

Our core activities

Fost Plus has three core activities:

  • Raising awareness. Efficient recycling starts with efficient sorting. Using a wide variety of communication campaigns and tools, Fost Plus encourages all Belgian citizens to sort their waste in the best possible manner, e.g. by spreading information on the correct sorting rules. Fost Plus also helps companies improve the recyclability of their packaging.
  • Coordination. Numerous different parties are involved in the collection and recycling of packaging materials, including municipalities, waste intermunicipal companies, collection companies and sorting centres. Fost Plus makes sure that everyone can cooperate to the best of their ability and all collected materials are accurately registered.
  • Funding. All companies that bring packaged household products onto the Belgian market, join up with Fost Plus and pay an annual contribution based on the quantity and type of their packaging. Fost Plus uses this contribution to collect, sort and recycle the packaging after use. In addition to these contributions, Fost Plus also generates income from the sale of the materials collected.

Focus on household packaging

Fost Plus is responsible for the collection and recycling of packaging materials for household products. Fost Plus finances and coordinates the following collections:

  • The door-to-door collection of PMD by means of the blue bag
  • The collection of glass via the glass recycling bins or by door-to-door collection
  • The door-to-door collection of paper-cardboard

Additionally, Fost Plus also finances the collection of these and other packaging materials at recycling centres, including hard plastics, plastic film, styrofoam and small hazardous waste.

The collection and recycling of industrial packaging is handled by our sister organisation VAL-I-PAC. For more information:

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More information?

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